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Happymanor Guesthouse 幸福莊園庭園民宿

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No. 85-1, Xingnong Rd., Guangfu Vil., Gaoshu Township, Pingtung County 906, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

08-7958380 0937-326-788


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Happymanor Guesthouse is located in Gaoshu Township, Pingtung country, the most southern town in Taiwan.

The rustic style of the countryside is filled with elegance and tranquility. 

In addition to providing comfortable accommodation and nature-loving event space, there are also traditional cuisine and activities of both Hakka and indigenous.

For those friends who enjoy flying, we are close to the Mt. Dawu, where Saijia flight is located. Here you can immerse into the most beautiful sky in Pingtung and make wonderful memories.